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Navigation to help reduce fuel consumption

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In new vehicles, Lexus is introducing Predictive Efficient Drive navigation, which makes hybrid and plug-in hybrids more efficient and reduces fuel consumption.

Lexus is introducing the Predictive Efficient Drive system to its vehicles, which will allow more efficient use of the work of both the classic hybrid drive and the plug-in hybrid. His work is combined with built-in navigation, and the car learns to drive economically and optimally select a driving mode based on GPS readings and driver behavior. Route conditions, traffic and terrain are also taken into account, thanks to which the system is able to predict how much energy will be required.

A system that trains the driver

As we read, the data of the navigation system helps to start energy recovery earlier and faster in places where sudden traffic jams are most common, or before entering a high-traffic area, it will recharge the battery earlier and also determine the road up or down the slope. The system will prepare the car for driving both in city traffic and on the highway, which means it will reduce fuel consumption. Predictive Efficient Drive learns the behavior of the driver, such as the places where he most often slows down or stops. As the number of kilometers traveled increases, the amount of data collected increases, allowing more efficient use of the hybrid drive.

Predictive Efficient Drive debuts on the 2024 Lexus NX with built-in Lexus Link Pro navigation. The technology will soon be available in other models of the brand.

Source: Lexus

Source: Wprost

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