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Every third passenger is afraid to attract the attention of the driver, even in an obvious case

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Nearly 30 percent of car occupants will find it inconvenient to ask the driver to slow down. We are also afraid to remind you to follow even more elementary rules.

A UK study found that two-thirds of car drivers felt uncomfortable about the speed at which their friend or family member was driving. At the same time, almost 30 per cent. passengers would be ashamed to ask a loved one to slow down. Meanwhile, driving at excessive speeds is extremely risky. Speed ​​inconsistency with traffic conditions is the second most common cause of accidents caused by drivers. In 2021, 778 people died in speeding accidents in Poland.

Safety is not just about the driver

“We should not treat speeding as normal and justify our loved ones who commit it in our presence. They endanger the safety of many people. Therefore, always pay attention to the driver in such a situation – safe driving coaches say.

The same applies to other situations in which the driver risks his own and others’ lives, for example, overtaking “in third”, ignoring a red traffic light or forcing a preferential passage.

Reaction not negotiations

– It also happens that family members or friends do not react when they see that a person in a state of intoxication wants to drive. In this case, it is most often difficult to reason with her, but we must prevent the driver from driving in such a state. If that means taking his car keys or calling the police, let’s do it… says Zbigniew Veseli, an expert at Renault’s Safe Driving School.

At the same time, one should not confuse the reaction to dangerous situations with commenting on the driving style of a loved one. Unwanted tips or expressions of dissatisfaction without a good reason can lead to driver annoyance, which also negatively affects driving safety.

Source: SBZHR

Source: Wprost

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